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DRAWorkshop Collaboration Page

2/16/08 Moodboards


1. "Blotted Line"

This moodboard is primarily focused on integrating a loose line drawing style with natural photography and highly structured typography.

Typography: Graphic is Archer, HTML text is Verdana.


2. "Modular Edge"

This moodboard explores the details of structure, annotation, hierarchy and strong typography with soft colors and hot accent colors. This exploration integrates a strong sans serif and serif type styles.

Typography: Graphic type Gotham, HTML System type Times New Roman.


3. "Ocean Grove Play"

This moodboard brings together a diverse collection of surprising images and details through photography. It utilizes unexpected colors, and typographic juxtapositions.

Typography: Graphic text Myriad with secondary headings using Hildecaps and/or Playbill. HTML text is Verdana.


4. "Sustainable Pomo"

This moodboard is comprised of a broad spectrum of warm muted colors and a stronger focus on details, materials, and sources of inspiration for design.

Typopography: Graphic Text Century Gothic, HTML text Arial.


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