from start to finish, we offer architectural services from the earliest stages of your project, to completion of construction, and beyond.

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draw has helped guide lots of happy clients through the design and construction process, from the smallest detail, such as selection of a cabinetry knob, to the big stuff, like master planning an entire property.

with a simple seven-step process for each project…draw provides an easy guide for clients to follow.  

step 1: pre-design & discovery

inquisitive by nature, we ask lots of questions

are you lefty or righty? what is your least favorite color? night owl or early riser? how could this project help you conquer the world?

often referred to as the pre-design and discovery phase, we do a ton of research and ask questions of the site, climate, and culture; of our clients, contractors and other team members; and of ourselves. by diving deep, projects and clients benefit tremendously.

step 2: schematic design

time to design

with all this great info on hand, we don our creative thinking caps and apply that knowledge to generating some really cool, meaningful ideas. this part of the process, often referred to as schematic design, is thoughtful, collaborative and quite exciting! 

for clients who want to be part of an even more personal, immersive design experience, draw offers a special interactive workshop for just that. 

by exploring the possibilities, the best ideas rise to the surface, offering our clients the confidence and enthusiasm that every client should have for their project

step 3: design development

who was it that said “the details are not the details, they make the design”?

well, they make a pretty good case. thoughtfully considered details are the kinds of things that really pull a project together and have a lasting impression on people’s experience. 

here, in the design development stage, we explore the finer points of things like interior and exterior colors, finishes and materials; windows, doors, stairs; and for interior projects, we focus on selection of items like decorative lighting, cabinetry, furnishings, and yes, even things like the art that hangs on a wall…for it is these things that the can make the difference between a good and great design

step 4: permit / construction documents

plans to build from

once the design is approved, it’s time to prepare a detailed set of documents that can be utilized for estimating the construction cost of a project, for permit submission, and for a contractor to build the project from. 

much of the work in this step, referred to as permit / construction documentation, is carried out by the client’s team of architects, engineers, and other design professionals.

This step includes preparation of detailed specifications, technical documents, and drawings that help the contractor plan and construct the project as it is intended

step 5: estimating, bidding & contractor selection

selecting an awesome construction team is essential to the success of any project.

here, we provide guidance through the estimating, bidding and contractor selection process by preparing and distributing request for bid packages, responding to questions, and assisting the client with making decisions about contractor selection.

step 6: construction administration / observation

build it!

how exciting is it to see your project come to fruition? 

well, a lot can happen during the construction process that determines its success...and it’s not always sunny skies. that’s why we act as your trusted “go-to”, helping through the rough spots, and providing guidance toward achieving the design intent. 

during the ca/co stage (that’s short for construction administration / observation), our team is there to collaboratively work with the client, contractor, building officials, and other professionals, addressing the challenges of construction, responding to questions that are sure to arise, and advocating for the client and design intent of the project.

step 7: the easy part

enjoy it!

ah, now it’s time for the really easy part. 

sit back, relax and enjoy!


  • site selection
  • project programming
  • feasibility studies
  • preliminary site, zoning, and building code analysis
  • schematic design / conceptual design
  • renderings, visualization, and architectural models
  • design development
  • permit / construction document preparation
  • municipal permitting and approvals
  • bidding administration
  • construction administration and observation
  • architectural interiors
  • interior design
  • space planning
  • post occupancy studies

If you have an architectural need that is not listed here, or you are unsure of what your needs might be, feel free to ask. We’d love to hear from you, and will provide the guidance needed to get you moving in the right direction.

Thanks for your kind words!
Our clients have nice things to say about their experience of working with us.

From start to finish your attention to detail, your capacity to listen closely to our ideas and needs, and your ability to fashion design solutions which met both our needs, and the Town’s Heritage Preservation District policies, were exemplary.

client – G.W.

I cannot thank you enough! Your natural eye, attention to detail, and your vision brought me the house of my dreams.

client – J.P.

Draw has made such an aesthetically pleasing design, and we’ll be able to slide panels closed in the winter, open them in the summer, and have heat and fans to help us regulate the temperature. This little shop has really blossomed, and our community loves it and depends on it. We are so excited about this project– it will be so fabulous and really bring us to the next level. We can’t wait!”

client – P.R.