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october is archtober in nyc.

David Brooke Robinson


October 1, 2021
"I don’t think you can teach architecture. You can only inspire people."

– Zaha Hadid

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, always curious and on the look out for learning opportunities. On my bedside table, you will always find at least one book or architecture/design magazine, and when not listening to music in the car, you will hear audio books and podcasts playing for as long a my brain can absorb them.

A visit to the Eliot Noyes home – New Canaan, CT.

Yet for me, the greatest way to learn is to attend events and visit places that provide opportunities for a more inspired way of learning…to be “there”, if you will. I don’t care what anyone says, you can only truly begin to understand and learn about a place or art and architecture after actually visiting or experiencing it firsthand. And being local, between the great cities of New York and Philadelphia, there are so many opportunities for those in-person experiences.

In that spirit, here area some wonderful architecture and design-centric events filling the calendar this month.

First, there is an architecture festival that has piqued my interest for many years, but for one reason or another, I have not managed to attend until this year. That event is the Archtober Festival, in New York City. The Archtober Festival is a month-long festival within the five boroughs and nearby locales that highlight all things architecture and design, with a broad mix of tours, exhibits, workshops, talks, and other events, sure to inspire the architect in you!

Architecture tours around the waterways of NYC are offered on a fleet of classically inspired yachts.

 While there is much to offer architects and designers, there are also terrific programs geared toward kids, families, and non-architects of all kinds. Imagine exploring the secret spaces of Grand Central Station or the Brooklyn Bridge, or getting tours to amazing buildings that are normally off-limits, and learning about NYC architecture from the deck of a classically inspired yacht. This is some fun stuff!

And on top of that, this coming weekend, October 16th & 17th, is Open House NY Weekend, with a bevy of nearly 200 different events and behind-the scenes access throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

As you can see, there is some really cool stuff going on, so please check it out, register as soon as you can, and get inspired!